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"Creative Crochet," first published in  1973, is now available on CD!

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Contact Information

Nicki Hitz Edson
9317 Lima Terrace S.
Seattle WA 98118




Innovative Crochet Classes!

Nicki Hitz Edson is available to teach classes and workshops on techniques for crocheting creatively without patterns.  Beginning to expert, structured to free form; adults and young people, middle school and up.


Nicki Edson began crocheting with a group of people who were in the forefront of the "Art to Wear" movement.  She co-authored a book called, "Creative Crochet,"* at the height of the craft wave of the 70's and 80's.  Nicki has taught crochet all over New York City, including The New School for Social Research, The craft Students' League, Riverside Church Arts and Crafts Cooperative and various workshops around the country.  In 1975, Nicki received a National Endowment of the Arts Grant for her crochet work.  Her work has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world.  One of her crocheted masks is published in Julie Shaffler Dale's book, "Art to Wear."  

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The following is a list of possible Crochet classes.  In many cases, the content would overlap or flow into each other.  I would hope to allow each student to be as inventive as she/he wants to be.

Crochet Classes

Basics: Basic stitches; techniques for starting and finishing, changing colors, increasing and decreasing.

Project Classes:

Squares: Making modules in squares for scarves, afghans.

· "Quilts": This could be a class project where students each make squares for a larger piece.

· Circles: Learn to make a hat.  Begin with basics and learn about embellishments.

· Open work or Lace: Shawls and Throws.  Begin with basics and learn about Lace.

· "Keep it Flat": Learn to manipulate stitches for flat pieces.

· Make a Sampler: Learn basics within a sampler.

Beyond Beginning: Fancy stitches, Color Blocking, Shaping, Fancy Finishing.

Project Classes:

· Color Blocking: Learn crochet "intarsia", carrying colors along.  Make hats, wallets, bags.  Special techniques for color blocking and changing.

· Finishing: Finishing stitches off knitting, leather, fabric, or crochet.
Beyond Beginning (cont.)

· Exploring and Inventing Fancy Stitches

· Shaping in the flat: Making vests, mittens, doll clothing.
· Free Form Crochet: Crocheting with your intuition: "Not Painting by Numbers"

Sculptural Crochet

Project Classes:

· Fancy Hats

· Boots

· Creatures and animals, real and fantastic

· Fruit and Food

· Flowers, plants and trees

· Christmas Ornaments: Snowflakes, Balls.

· Masks 

Bags, Wallets and Pouches

Crochet with New Materials:

· Exploring New and Different Fibers

· Crocheting with wire

· Crocheting with Beads


Crochet Class Particulars and Parameters

Class Size

Minimum: 4 students

Maximum: 10

Class Format

  • Weekly day or evening classes: 2-2˝ hours long. Times and dates to be negotiated.

      · Day-long or Half-day workshops.

      · 2-3 Day workshops.

      · Week-long workshops


  • Crochet hooks, sizes F, G, and H, especially.

  • Various yarns, different colors and content…this is something we will explore in class.

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needles








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